Algorithms and Models for Big Data (Fall 2014)

Instructor: Periklis A. Papakonstantinou []
Teaching assistant: Yuanxi Dai
Lectures: Monday 1.30-4.05pm (3x45min) at TX112
Office hours: Monday 11am-12pm (or by appointment), FIT 4-608-7

Dec 26
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testing properties of very big objects, computation over data-streams, finite metric embeddings and high-dimensional geometry, inference and statistics.

Emphasis in the interface between mathematical analysis and engineering realization.
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Date Topic
Finish up the proof of Bourgain's theorem
Streaming, sketching, and finite metric embeddings
Basic technqiues: Dimensionality reduction (Johnson-Lindenstrauss), Bourgain's theorem. Full proof details and algorithmic implications.
Introduction to finite metric embeddings and applications
Sketching a stream, the AMS sketch for frequency moment estimation
Hashing and its likes for efficient randomized computation over data-streams
More details about testing graph properties
Introduction to streaming models and algorithms
Finish up the proof details of KKL
Back to Property Testing: Szemeredi's regularity lemma and applications

Discussion & Case-Studies: Examples from real-world applications
how does theory bind to practice & shortcomings of the current theory
Introduction to hypercontractivity.
The Kahn-Kalai-Linial inequality: influences, noise operators, and their relations, start with the proof of KKL
Full details on Masrour-Kushilevitz (Goldreich-Levin)
Finish up the BLR test analysis and discussion
Estimating fourier coefficients; learning boolean functions; concentrated specta; a discussion on the Masrour-Kushilevitz algorithm: its application domain and limitations
Elements of Fourier Analysis on the Boolean Cube
The BLR test and its analysis
Measure concentration: working examples on Chernoff-Hoeffding, concentration for pairwise independence and beyond
Introduction to Property Testing
Sep 22
What do we mean by "Big Data"?
What is this class about: high-level overview of property testing, streaming, fourier analysis, high-dimensional geometry.
First topic: Basic inequalities in discrete probability
Readings for the 13th lecture:
  • Read chapters 15 from Jiri Matousek's textbook

next lecture: wrap-up, what was this course about and what is Big Data Science
Readings for the 12th lecture:
  • Read chapters 15 from Jiri Matousek's textbook

next lecture: finite metric embeddings and streaming algorihms
Readings for the 11th lecture:
  • Read the excellent survey by Piotr Indyk [link] and the even more excellent overview by Nati Linial [link]

next lecture: embedding every metric space into ell_p and dimensionality reduction
Readings for the 10th lecture:
  • Read chapter 5-6 from Amit Chakrabarti's lecture notes on streaming algorithms

next lecture: introduction to finite metric embeddings
Readings for the 9th lecture:
  • Read chapters 3-5 from Amit Chakrabarti's lecture notes on streaming algorithms

next lecture: sketches and algorithms over data-streams
Readings for the 8th lecture:
  • Reading material is based on in-class lecture (ask for lecture notes)
  • An elementrary proof of Szemeredi's regularity lemma by Adam Marcus can be found here
    A series of very nice blog-posts (both on Szemeredi's lemma and Szemeredi's theorem) can be found in the Terrence Tao's blog-posts, and a more high-level exposition for property testing in Luca Trevisan's blog-post
  • Read the first 2 chapters from Amit Chakrabarti's lecture notes on streaming algorithms

next lecture: continue with basic Streaming Algorithms
Readings for the 7th lecture:
  • Same as for the previous lecture. I'll give references for Szemeredi's Regularity Lemma

next lecture: begin with Streaming Algorithms
Readings for the 6th lecture:
  • From O'Donnel's text: the entire Chapter 9 (check the previous chapters for prerequisites as necessary)

next lecture: finish up the proof of KKL -- Szemeredi's regularity lemma and applications to property testing
Readings for the 5th lecture:
  • By now you should know in detail (most important parts covered in class -- but you should study all): Chapter 1-3 from Ryan O'Donnel's text, and Chapter 1 from the measure concentration text
Readings for the 4th lecture:
  • The 3rd chapter from Ryan O'Donnel's textbook (see handouts)

next lecture: the Goldreich-Levin algorithm
Readings for the 3rd lecture:
  • The 1st chapter from Ryan O'Donnel's textbook (see handouts)

next lecture: learning boolean functions
Readings for the 2nd lecture:

next lecture: intro to Fourier Analysis on the Boolean Cube